How It Works

Watch this video and check out the three-step process below  to learn about the motorcycle wrapping process

We are often asked, “What is the motorcycle wrapping process?” This video will give you an idea on how we go about achieving faultless results here at Infinite Wraps. As you will see, we pay attention to every detail.


The video starts with the vinyl wrap removal process to answer the popular question, “Will a vinyl wrap damage the paint on my motorcycle?” Rest assured that a custom motorcycle wrap does not damage your paint. In fact, vinyl film protects paintwork, and when removed reveals the exact condition your bike was in before getting your vinyl wrap install. See for yourself. Watch the video!

The Motorcycle Wrapping Process - A Step by Step Guide

Our team of wrap specialists are here to guide you through every step of the wrap process. This 3-step process move your ideas from conception, design, to installation quickly and efficiently.

A 25% deposit is required prior to design and installation. The deposit is due upon scheduling your wrap.


Visit our FAQ page to find answers to frequently asked questions and discover other useful information about Infinite Wraps and vinyl wrap customization.


Select Your Vinyl

The first step in the customization process is to choose a design or them for your motorcycle wrap. Select your vinyl and any additional graphics needed to prepare for you quote and free consultation.


Request A Quote

Complete our quote request form. Information provided is used to determine a price estimate, and help us to understand needs better. We will contact you to discuss your wrap details, answer any questions you may have, and arrange for installation.

Book Your Installation

Once you've made your color selection and obtained your quote, contact Infinite Wraps to book your motorcycle wrap. Installation will not begin until the final proof has been approved. 


Wrapping a motorcycle involves a series steps for eye-catching results. Select vinyl color and finish. Prepare and clean the surface. Take measurements and cut film. Lay the wrap and smooth out on the surface. Cut and remove excess vinyl, then tuck edges. Apply heat to set the wrap in place. Final steps are to clean the surface and inspect work for quality.


Infinite Wraps is the leader in West Atlanta motorcycle wrap customization services. We offer the best in unique and custom vinyl wraps for motorcycles and powersport vehicles in Georgia. And now by popular demand, offer vehicle wraps. Infinite Wraps has a talented team of vinyl wrap specialists, and we are proud to be an innovator in revolutionizing motorcycle customization with vinyl film.

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