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Infinite Wraps is hiring - Find apply now!

Did you search “car wrap jobs near me”? If you live in west Atlanta, Douglasville, Marietta, Paulding County, or other local areas, Infinite Wraps has car wrap jobs available. Vehicle vinyl wrap installers will perform partial to full wraps on cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, and helmets. Infinite Wraps is actively interviewing now for car wrapper jobs. Salary commensurate with your vehicle vinyl wrap experience. We also offer car wrap apprenticeships for interns  eager to learn with the potential to join our team as a full-time vehicle wrap installer. Internships combine on-the-job training with professional instruction and mentorship.

Car Wrap Installer

Job Description 

Infinite Wraps, a custom vehicle wrap shop located in Douglasville, GA, is seeking a talented and motivated vinyl film wrap installers to create magnificent custom wraps. A can-do attitude and willingness to learn is highly preferred. Applying automotive vinyl requires a particular set of skills and a tremendous amount of patience. Infinite Wraps is a reputable wrap shop known for its quality work and high focus on customer satisfaction. Experience and expertise in vinyl car wrapping are necessary to guarantee the quality of work we produce. Applicants must prove workmanship for consideration and participate in a hands-on interview process that provides the opportunity to display confidence and work quality. If you're seeking to make an immediate impact at a well-established wrap shop that has high customer satisfaction ratings, is featured on popular YouTube Channels, and works with distinguished clients, then this could be the role for you!

Duties and Responsibilities
Specific duties and responsibilities may vary, but core tasks associated with the job include:

•    Hands-on knowledge of wrapping process, including lifting, stretching and draping vinyl film over surfaces, repositioning film when necessary, releasing air bubbles with a squeegee, measuring and trimming the film to the size required, and the ability to trim excess film away from edges leaving enough to wrap around the edge and secure the film into place.
•    Load and unload materials at worksite and transport materials and equipment from one worksite to another.
•    At the end of a workday, clean workstation removes all debris, pack up tools, put away any unused materials, and other necessary tasks. Keep debris away from active worksites throughout the day to ensure workers’ safety moving about the area.
•    Wash vehicles to provide a clean surface for vinyl film install.
•    Strong eye for detail to properly apply vinyl for a quality finish.
•    Experience with various wrapping styles, including but not limited to full wraps, partial wraps, roof only, hood only, and other custom vinyl wrap options.
•    Knowledge of different types and brands of automotive vinyl films is preferred.
•    Experience using a heat gun to stretch and conform film for proper installation, especially in complex curved areas.
•    Wrap removal experience in lifting edges, peeling vinyl off in as few pieces as possible for a smoother removal process.

Skills and Qualifications
Detail-oriented individual that is good at following instructions with a passion for wrapping cars and producing quality work. An easygoing, enthusiastic personality is a major bonus. The skills and abilities most associated with this job are detailed below:

•    Hands-on experience working with vinyl and wrapping vehicles.
•    Basic mechanical skills.
•    Problem-solving skills and creativity.
•    Automotive detailing skills.
•    Ability to lift at least 75 lbs. and carry heavy equipment.
•    Strong listening skills with the ability to follow instructions to ensure proper installation and workplace safety.
•    Organizational skills including setting up and cleaning work area.
•    Accuracy at measuring materials when cutting vinyl.
•    Time management skills to complete projects on schedule.
•    Ability to work well with others in collaborative situations and confidence to carryout individual tasks when required.


Location: Douglasville, GA

Work Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (flexible)

Pay range based on experience and skill level.

•    Beginner: $10 - $15 per hour
•    Intermediate: $15 - $20 per hour
•    Advance: $20 - $25 per hour


Apply Now!
To apply, complete the form below for consideration. Know someone that will be a good fit? Please share this job posting to referrals. 

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Thanks for your interest in Infinite Wraps and for submitting your application!

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