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At Infinite Wraps, we’ve got you covered! Infinite Wraps in Douglasville, Georgia provides custom wraps, decals, and graphics for vehicles as well as starlight headliners and window tint. The shop is one of the few businesses in the Atlanta Metro area, committed to becoming that sought after one-stop-shop for vehicle customization. Owner John Howell has enjoyed utilizing his God-given talent to mirror his vision of building a company that would provide unique and eye catching vehicle customizations, and with years of hard work and determination, he has done just that. The mission of Infinite Wraps isn’t just about selling custom wraps. Instead, our vision is to provide a high quality service that is equal to none in the industry. We use the latest and most effective techniques to provide expert installation and long-lasting application.  From providing honest and informative answers to your questions to offering helpful tips on how to care for your new wrap, and guiding you through the customization process. Here at Infinite Wraps we take pride in our work, and remain committed to customer satisfaction.


Villa Rica, Georgia, August 14, 2019—It's a wrap! Entrepreneur Jonathan Howell has turned his passion for vehicle customization into a business. Infinite Wraps specialize in vinyl wrap customization services for personal as well as commercial vehicles. Originating in Villa Rica, Ga the company officially opened its doors July 29, 2019. Since then the company has relocated to Douglasville, Ga. Like most startups, Infinite Wraps had humble beginnings. Working out of his garage, Howell began to experiment with vinyl films and wrapping his 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1S sport bike to learn the best tactics for professionally wrapping a vehicle. After doing a lot of research and gaining hands-on experience, Howell found a hobby that he really loved and was confident that vehicle enthusiast would also appreciate. Howell left his job in human resources to start his vehicle customization business creating custom wraps crafted from vinyl film. Howell started with side jobs here and there and begin attending expo's to pass out business cards and showcase his personally wrapped motorcycle. "People at expo's are always impressed with my custom wraps, and often ask to pose with the bike for pictures," says Howell.
Vinyl wraps are nothing new in the automotive industry. Countless businesses provide auto wrap services, mainly for branding and advertising purposes. While vinyl wraps are a fast-growing trend in vehicle customization, it was a challenge for Howell to find a local business or state-level shops that focused on custom motorcycle wraps. It was then Howell recognized the potential for vinyl customizations for bikers. Members of the motorcycle community are passionate about their bikes and interests and activities that involve motorcycles. Biker owners' enthusiasm can be seen through their devotion and care for their motorcycles. "Bikers are notorious for showing off their ride, says Howell. "I saw vinyl wraps as an opportunity to meet motorcyclists' customization needs and desire to stand out from the crowd. "Showing off your bike is part of the two-wheel thrill of owning a motorcycle. I'm one of those bikers who enjoy sporting cool looks that turn heads on and off the road."
Howell had big aspirations for his business, but little funding to ignite his dream. "It seemed like everywhere I turned doors were shut in my face, so much so, I got used to hearing no," says Howell. But no didn't deter his desire to start his business. Vinyl wraps are common customization options for cars, trucks, and vans. However, motorcycle wrapping is an up-and-coming trend for bikers. Knowing the odds were stacked against him, Howell pushed forward. Not only was he a new business owner, but he would have to tread new terrain in educating bike owners about the benefits of vinyl wraps.
To be successful, Howell knew he would need to highlight the value of custom motorcycle wraps, and his website did just that. Site visitors could learn about the wrapping process, check out Howell's workmanship, and review frequently asked questions and answers about vinyl motorcycle wraps. Although motorcycles were Howells first love and the fire that ignited his desire to build a vehicle wrapping company that is equal to none, due to the rapid growth of the company, and the pressures of supply- and demand Infinite Wraps has evolved into a three and four wheel vehicle wrap shop. 
Infinite Wraps vehicle customizations produce paint-like quality at a fraction of the cost of a customized repaint. Vehicle wraps are crafted to fit the owner's unique style and are ideal for individuals who value the flexibility to change up their look when the mood strikes. "Custom wraps are a great way to give your vehicle a fresh new look and enhance the enjoyment of commuting," says Howell. As a bonus, vehicle wraps can protect factory paintwork. When professionally installed and removed, vinyl wraps will not leave a residue or cause damage to the vehicles factory paint. The paint will appear in the same condition that is was in before the vinyl was applied.
Infinite Wraps takes pride in offering a variety of colors and vinyl finishes. "With a wide selection of materials, customers can keep their options open." But what Howell takes the most pride in is the dependability, exceptional service, and superior craftsmanship his business provides. "We're here for our customers and are committed to providing the support and guidance they need during the custom wrap process." Infinite Wraps specializes in full and partial wraps, as well as custom vinyl graphics and decals.
For vehicle enthusiasts, their rides are more than a means for transportation; it's a lifestyle. "At Infinite Wraps, we're all about the details and creating custom wraps to reflect the owner's personality and interests. It's always awesome to hear how great people feel about their custom wrap. But what's even more exhilarating is revealing a custom wrap to the owner for the first time. Their excitement and jaw-dropping reactions are priceless! That's what gets me more and more passionate about my business." 
For Howell, there is nothing like a head-turning custom wrap, and like-minded individuals agree. When Howell revealed his craftmanship to his first client, the gentleman was on cloud nine. "His words were 'Can't nobody tell me nothing' as he circled the bike in awe! He was thrilled with the results, and I was definitely excited that it brought him so much joy," says Howell.
"Our customers' vehicles are just as important to us as they are to them! We make it our mission to earn their trust and the opportunity to customize their vehicle," he says. Combined with expert wrapping skills, Howell has impressive graphic design talent and uses Photoshop, and other programs to create mockups to help customers envision the results of their custom wraps.
"We want customers to be confident in their decision and our ability to deliver," says Howell. He takes pride in his work and going the extra mile for customer satisfaction. Not only can a customer-centric approach provide repeat business, but it is also the fuel that drives Howell's dedication in creating eye-catching wraps. "Every project we take on is uniquely different," he says. "Vehicles say a lot about their owners, and so should their custom wrap." 
At Infinite Wraps, the possibilities are infinite. The company offers customers hundreds of colors available in the coolest finishes, including carbon fiber, chrome, glitter, gloss, matte, satin, brushed, camouflage, color flip, and metallic. "Customization options are only limited to your imagination, and we've got the talent to make it happen," says Howell. The company uses vinyl film from leading brands including 3M Vinyl Wrap, Avery Dennison, CheetahWrap, TeckWrap to name a few, as well as offer digitally printable vinyl for what Howell considers the ultimate customization. 
"We work with our customers to provide customization services that are within their budget and at the same time they are proud to show off," says Howell. "While there are cheaper vinyl films to consider, we always take the opportunity to disclose that quality films produce the best results. High-quality, vinyl is easier to install and maintain. Top-of-the-line vinyl lasts longer—as much as five years or more," he adds. According to public research, vehicle wraps are the best investment consumers can make to customize their ride not just once but infinitely and still maintain the factory paint quality. "Now that I have been blessed with a spacious shop for my place of business, I look at my shop as my opportunity to go above and beyond to put customer satisfaction in high gear!"
Whether you need a quote or are interested in learning more about Infinite Wraps custom vehicle services, contact us today!

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