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Choose your wrap based on your shoe style!

From brushed to carbon fiber films and color flip to metallic films, and of course, the ever-popular matte, gloss, satin, and camouflage, there are so many vinyl films to choose from for your wrap. But which film and color would look best on your motorcycle or powersport vehicle? With so many options, coming up with an idea that best fits your personality can be overwhelming, and at times frustrating. You know want to get your motorcycle wrapped, but have no idea on what design to choose. Picking out a wrap is a big decision as the design speaks to your personality—believe us, we get it. Consumed with frustration, some may settle on a popular pick like matte black or wrap their bike in the same color as their paint job to stay within their comfort zone. But what if I told you that choosing a wrap design can be easier than you think. Here’s the kicker, you can get the best ideas for your wrap design based on your shoe style. That’s right. Your favorite kicks are the perfect inspiration you need for your wrap. Think about it. Your shoes can say a lot about you. In fact, 90% of people’s personality is reflected in their choice of shoes. Many of us particularly fall for certain styles of shoes that best fits our personality. We’ll match those interests and what feels right in selecting your shoe style to the type of wrap that speaks to your personality. In other words, shoe style reflects you in more ways than you may realize and can provide inspiration to boost your confidence in selecting a wrap. Whether you go historically casual, have a drive for athletic shoes, a passion for boots, or a fondness for fashion sneakers, your choice of footwear is a huge indicator of your personality and the wrap that best compliments your unique self.

Chances are, you already wear the shoe that best fits your personality. For example, flashy footwear like the black, pine green, white, gym red Jordan AJ 1 Mid suggests that the wearer is an extrovert. Bold color block designs create a standout wrap for outgoing personalities.

If boots are more your style, the Men's Timberland Euro Sprint Hiker Boots are a great option for a rugged casual look. Attractive accents are a bonus for decal inspiration. For more shoe-inspired ideas for your wrap, check out your favorite online shoe store. So, there it is. Shoes say a lot about a person, and now you know the intertwined line between your choice of shoes and choosing a wrap to match your personality. Shoe designs are the perfect inspiration for your wrap design. Ready to get started with your wrap? Let’s do this!

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